Football Academy

The EFT Football Academy provides athletes of all ages and levels of skills the opportunity to work with experienced EFT staff members, to gain valuable athletic advancements and crucial college exposure.  The foundations and methods that every EFT athlete trains by are adapted specifically for his position to allow him to distinguish himself as physically superior.  The coaches at the EFT Football Academy have all excelled in major Division I collegiate football programs, and have had careers in the NFL. You can learn more about EFT Football Academy by visiting our website at: EFTFootball.com or by clicking here.

NFL Off-Season Training

Every spring and summer, numerous NFL athletes return to EFT to prepare for their upcoming season. Simply put, we cover everything. Every exercise selection is made with football movements in mind. Flexibility, balance, power, speed, agility and conditioning. Athletes also participate in position specific skill work on both outdoor and indoor surfaces.

NFL Combine Prep

Team EFT designed the comprehensive NFL Combine training program with one objective: to elevate the draft status of each athlete through a superior performance at the NFL Scouting Combine/Pro Day. Our training methods replicate all the tests and team workouts the athlete will encounter. Upon completion of the program, each athlete will have mastered all the necessary drills included in the NFL Combine!


Team EFT has developed a comprehensive and preparatory-specific program that targets the strength, speed, agility, and quickness needed to excel in all Combine events. The technical execution for each exercise, drill, and test are instructed with meticulous detail. EFT offers the ideal atmosphere and training program for obtaining superior results and building a foundation for success in the NFL. Every year our athletes out-perform the competition by being stronger, faster, and truly confident in their training.

The kind of confidence that only comes from knowing that you have fully prepared.


Performance Testing

  • Bod-Pod Body Composition Analysis Musculoskeletal Analysis Pre-Training Combine Testing

Performance Training

  • Functional Strength Training Program Speed, Agility, and Conditioning Flexibility & Hip Mobility Sessions Functional Balance Training

Individual Coaching

  • Position-Specific Skill Sessions Game-Film Analysis

Mental Preparation

  • Psychological Testing, 
Wonderlic and Intelligence Testing Interview and Mental Approach Training

Dietary Analysis

  • Nutritional Counseling Supplement Program & Package

Athlete Rehabilitation

  • Injury Prevention Program, 
Massage Therapy
, Neuromuscular Performance Body-Work Pool Training Sessions


  • The program features individual 1-on-1 coaching and video analysis for each test.
  • 10, 20, and 40-Yard Dash
    • Linear Speed Enhancement
, First Step Explosiveness
, 10-Yard Start Technique
, Top-End Sprinting Form/ Mechanics
  • Broad Jump and Vertical Jump
    • Lower Body Strength & Power Plyometric Drills, 
Test Technique
  • 225LB Bench Press Test
    • Upper Body Strength & Power Test Technique and Form
  • 20–Yard & 60-Yard Shuttle, 3 Cone Drill
    • Multi-Directional Speed Lateral Quickness, 
Footwork & Agility Training One-On-One Drill Instruction Step-by-Step Test Technique
  • Position-Specific Tests
    • Individual Coaching for Each Position
    • Football–Specific Speed Reactivity and Change of Direction, Specific Drill Rehearsal

College Off-Season Training

  • Coming soon …


Every workout and exercise is designed to maximize YOUR potential. GET STARTED